Find Your Best Self

  • Discover your strengths, blind spots and hidden strengths.
  • Compare yourself to various challenges.
  • Develop new skills and attributes.
  • Communicate your strengths and advance your career.

YouLab will help you prepare for situations you face as a:


  • Increasing your chances of promotion
  • Improving your productivity
  • Managing stress and conflict at work
  • Working with others in a team
  • Creating network of a professional contacts


  • Leading people under different conditions
  • Managing stress and conflict at work
  • Building and managing a team
  • Creating professional network
  • Tackling new and unfamiliar challenges


  • Getting the business going
  • Building important relationships
  • Hiring and managing the people
  • Developing resilience and coping with stress
  • Managing conflict and resistance to change


  • Managing relationships with friends or parents
  • Improving study habits and being more productive
  • Getting and staying motivated to achieve your goals
  • Managing a life stage transition from teenager to young adult
  • Identifying a career direction


  • Building a personal network
  • Getting and staying motivated to achieve your goals
  • Managing a significant change from school to university
  • Identifying a career direction
  • Interviewing for a job

Job Seeker

  • Building a personal network of contacts
  • Staying motivated during your search
  • Building resilience to cope with stress
  • Selling yourself to a potential employer
  • Starting a new job